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By Dan Moon~Editor/Publisher, Aug 13 2016 08:13AM

Dearest ANS Readers.....

A rather uncertain illness has forced the delay of future Animal News Sentinel posts.

One of those times that life has a cruel way of getting in the way :-(

Depending on the outcome of tests and procedures beginning next week,i may or may not continue on with what has become a popular landing spot for those who need to know,want to know and truly care about what goes on in the animal world around us.

So please,if you would like an ocassional up-date on circumstances..... just sign to our email subscriber list in the right side bar of this site >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thank you all for your trusted and loyal readership :-)

" May your heart soar with the Eagle and your spirit walk with Wolf "

Dan Moon

By Dan Moon~Editor/Publisher, Jul 17 2016 10:00AM


" When a spill occurs, new economic activity occurs to clean up contaminated areas, remediate affected properties, and supply equipment for cleanup activities "... claim oil industry witness's.

For the past few weeks, the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) has been holding hearings on the matter of a proposed oil-by-rail terminal that could be built in Vancouver, Washington. If approved, it would be the largest oil-by-rail facility in the country, handling some 360,000 barrels of crude oil, shipped by train, every single day. It would also greatly increase the number of oil trains that pass through Washington, adding a total of 155 trains, per week, to the state’s railroads.

Environmentalists worry that an increase in oil trains could lead to an rise in oil train derailments, like the kind seen in earlyont June when a Union Pacific train carrying Bakken crude derailed outside the Oregon town of Mosier, spilling 42,000 gallons of oil near the Columbia River...... MORE ON THIS STORY HERE !

Oil Soaked Bird - AP Photo/Bill Haber
Oil Soaked Bird - AP Photo/Bill Haber

By Dan Moon~Editor/Publisher, Jul 16 2016 11:24AM


Two quick-thinking Kansas cops saved an adorable dog hanging by its leash from a car window.

Officers were called to an Arkansas City Walmart to arrest a shoplifter earlier this month.

After the sticky-fingered suspect was secured in the back of the cruiser, the officers were notified of a seemingly dead dog hanging out the window of a red truck.

When they cut the poor pooch down with a knife, they realized the pup hadn’t perished just yet.


Dying Dog Saved - Photo Shared by: Animal News Sentinel
Dying Dog Saved - Photo Shared by: Animal News Sentinel

By Dan Moon~Editor/Publisher, Jul 15 2016 10:39AM

Today's Featured Animal News Story ---

Klepetan Back With Malena - Photo Shared by: Animal News Sentinel
Klepetan Back With Malena - Photo Shared by: Animal News Sentinel

At the end of every August, Klepetan, a male stork, migrates to South Africa, leaving behind his female partner, Malena, and their humble abode — a cozy nest located on the red rooftop of a house.

Malena remains alone in the small Croatian village without Klepetan's company throughout the fall and winter months.But come March, for the past 15 years like clockwork, Klepetan returns from the warm south to once be reunited with Malena.

Ever since her wings were injured by a hunter more than two decades ago, Malena has been unable to fly alongside her partner, let alone join him on his annual 8,000-mile journey.

But that hasn't stopped Klepetan from putting in the extra work...... VIDEO BELOW / MORE ON THIS STORY HERE !

By Dan Moon~Editor/Publisher, Jul 13 2016 11:33AM


When firefighters showed up at a dilapidated house in Long Island, New York, on Saturday, they knew something wasn't quite right. The fire had already been put out and the couple who lived there was frantically trying to cancel the call.

They didn't want anyone walking through their front door.The Firefighters entered anyway.

The firefighter, who didn't wish to be identified for this story, walked through the front door, where he spotted four or five dogs in a ruined kitchen.

Then he went downstairs amid heavy smoke.

"I started opening doors, and every door I opened, there were more dogs," he recalled. "Five more dogs here. Six more dogs there."..... MORE ON THIS STORY HERE !

Saving Dogs from 'Breeder' - Photo by: Suffolk County SPCA
Saving Dogs from 'Breeder' - Photo by: Suffolk County SPCA

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